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​I was given my first Rottweiler, Cujo when I was in High School and have been in love with this magnificent and noble breed. Cujo was an absolute Rottweiler in every way, a true ambassador for the breed.   He was gentle and kind with everyone and on guard when he needed to be.  He touched so many lives with is large personality and you couldn't help but notice him when he went by.   I loved my Cujo so much and he is dearly missed by all who knew him.  2023 marks 24 years of knowing and working with this truly magnificent breed!!
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We have been rated Montana's #1 Rottweiler breeder for 11 years and counting and #11 in the country!!  We take great pride in this, being able to provide loved, health tested and not to mention drop dead gorgeous Rottweiler babies all over the United States,  Canada, and Internationally as well. 

We are so glad that you have found US!! We are located in the Southwest of Big Sky Country Montana, where my husband, is the Cattle Manager for a large ranch. Together we have two sweet boys.   With our loving devotion to this noble, ancient breed, the large Montana sky and our boys, this is a perfect environment to raise a bunch of rotten rotties!

​We are a small, family, orientated, show and hobby breeder. We take great pride in our dogs. They are first and foremost a member of our family. Not only do they look great in pictures and have amazing pedigrees, we require them to be apart of our family. I have seen so many beautiful dogs in videos, pictures and on paper, but they do not posses what it takes to be a family member.  Our dogs do not live in a kennel, and why should they? Rottweilers love their people, they need to be with you.  

All of our dogs and puppies are exposed to many different environments; other dogs, cats, cows, horse, wildlife, people and CHILDREN. My puppies learn to love and respect children at an early age. Children are not as careful as an adult and puppies learn tolerance. I trust all of my dogs with my boys, I would not own a dog that I would not trust with my boys.  
Our Rottweilers come from the finest genetics that Germany and Europe can offer. Everyone one of our dogs can be traced back to the 1900's, in Germany, where this ancient breed started.   We pride ourselves in healthy family companions with excellent character, tree trunk bones, large expressive (typey) heads and rich mahogany markings. We certify hip, elbow, heart, eye, JLPP and we have started the 13-genetic health panel to certify (either OFA or FCI) our adults to guarantee that we are doing our best to pass on the healthiest puppy possible.

Over the years there have been many people that have tried to copy us and throw our name out there like we are friends.   But they lack the dedication it takes to be educated on this magnificent breed.  Please don't be talked into something of less quality. 

As well as showing our dogs in the ring, most of our adults dogs have one or more champion titles.  My rottweiler puppies grow into beautiful well adjusted adults that are apart of your family. We produce family, therapy, and working dogs. If you are looking for a show/breeding prospect, please contact me. I have particular litters that you may reserve a puppy from.
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